Scales of War - Online

3/27/11 Session Notes


  • Met with Lavinya at Temple of Arathas
  • Agreed to look into Haylan’s disappearance

Crib Notes

  • Divine Knot – old Temple of Moradin under construction
  • Temple of Arathas – Signs of great use, Some very sickly followers, alter better maintained
  • Shrine of Arathas – More followers than the Temple (strange)
  • Lavinya – last priestess of the temple
  • Haylan – (friend of Lavinya) Shrine of Arathas caretaker – disappeared – Grovald
  • Grovald – new “caretaker” – claims Hayland went on a spiritual retreat- middle aged human (“seemingly devout”)
  • Letter addressed to G – “I am commanded to ask if you’ve had any further problems with the worshippers of…”
  • High Ancestor Durkik (sp?) – in charge of changing temple construction (“to make it more welcoming”) – Possible source of intel on Haylan – Moradin
  • Priests at the shrine may be able to provide more details



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