Scales of War - Online

4/17/11 Session Notes


  • Scroll Case from Priest of Erathis from General Zithiruun (Sar shan)
  • Rest at the inn
  • Speak with Lavinya – tell her everything and show her the note (never heard of the General)
  • Lavinya is disturbed by the prospect of Durkik as a double agent – Ministry of War – Capt. Acrun
  • Head off to the ministry of war – go to see Acrun
  • Acrun wants us out of the investigation – Drake tries to intimidate -
  • After intimidating – we get kicked out and followed to a pub
  • Start a bar fight to lose the guards
  • On our way to the temple of Moradin – attacked by thugs and thieves


  • “Hold position and take your orders from that ‘Rock Headed Idiot God’”

Crib Notes

  • Durkik in the 2nd adventure was open and friendly
  • Ministry of War – Busy but seems very business-like


  • Dopplegangers & Thugs
  • $$$: Ruby (1500gp) + 800 gp + 2 Potions of Healing

Current State

  • XP: 14081



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