Scales of War - Online

4/3/11 Session Notes


  • Killed the priest – had Longsword and scroll case w/ notes in it
  • Discovered that Haylan did not likely leave on her own volition
  • Go to talk to High Ancestor Durkik
  • An angry mob forms – kicks us out
  • Ancestor Keros tells us of Durkik & Temple happenings
  • Head off to Shrine of Erathis
  • Spoke w/ Grovald seems genuine, but an old lady tells us they are all suspicious of him
  • Returned at night – snuck around – attacked by Grovald & his band of supplicants
  • Kashira’s Anunciation, Astral Seal, AND Bane hit something

Crib Notes

  • Temple of Moradin – dwarves form angry mob – shrine being renovated and expanding to fit additional parishioners – fortifications increased on temple
  • Stonehammer – Much better off than Temple of Erathis – Massive renovation (lots of work) -
  • Megan Swiftrider (Freeriders) – in Temple of Moradin
  • Ancestor Keros – doesn’t wish to speak in mob – doesn’t like that resources are diverted away from will of Moradin
  • Ironfell clan – one of contributors of money & workers towards temple construction
  • Durkik – has not been himself (ordering priests like workers) for several weeks -
  • Shrine of Erathis – curtained house shrine
  • Grovald – muttering “so may it be” when prayers are dropped – seems to be on the up and up – then attacks us at night


  • Female supplicants = Al’rish w/ crossbow
  • Male supplicants = minions – +1 dmg when (their) ally adjacent to enemy
  • Priest of Erathis – Immobilize – Melee w/ knockback 3 – Aura 1 w/ bad things to saving throws

’That’s what she said’ quotes of the night

  • “Just let us know when you get it back up”
  • “Alright, spear me.”
  • “It was better when you were gone.”



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