Scales of War - Online

5/01/2011 Session Notes


  • Unter tries to infiltrate the church – fails quite often, but reaches Keros and lets him know where they’re staying
  • Keros let’s us know that Durkik enjoys his afternoon walks
  • Go to Pig & Bucket with a Doppleganger corpse
  • Capt. Acrun walks by, spots Adrik, falters and continues walking
  • Al’rish convinces some servant to give him gold for a skin pigmentation spell.
  • Broke into Capt. Acrun’s house and found some papers regarding the temple we found
  • Most recent missive in Acrun’s house was 12 days ago – seems odd (should be more recent)

Crib Notes

  • Area around Acrun’s home is a well-lit nice area.


Current State

  • XP: 14081


  • “Hey I’m Chaotic Good – I’m just really chaotic.” – Chris
  • “They burned everything they saw… took advantage of bloody corpses…” – Charles on the party



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